Phuong Anh approaches her studies with enthusiasm and always attains the title of “excellent” student, scoring among the very best in the school. Besides studying, Phuong Anh helps her parents to do the housework and takes care of her brother.

Phuong Anh’s parents make a living planting a small rice field, and working construction intermittently. Their income is very unstable. Previously, they brought their children to the South so her father could start a new job with the promise of promotion, but it didn’t work out as expected. In 2014, the family returned to their Bac Giang village, borrowing money and land from brothers and cousins ​​to build a temporary house. The house is covered with a fibro-cement roof so can get very hot inside. On the hot days, the children go to their uncle’s house to avoid the heat.

I will try to study well so that in the future, I can find a good job to make a lot of money to buy a house for my parents.

Phuong Anh

Pictured with her father

Phuong Anh continues to work hard despite the family’s financial challenges which put her ability to continue studying in jeopardy.  She and her family thank the donors who have generously provided the supplies she needs to stay in school this year.

There are many more children just like Phuong Anh who need assistance to continue their education.

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