It’s a common story. Nam’s parents divorced. Afterwards, his father went to work in China. His mother remarried and left Nam and his brother with their grandmother since they would not be accepted in her new family. Neither parent provides for the boys financially, leaving their care entirely to the grandmother.

Nam’s grandmother, Huan, has severe arthritis. The family of three has a small makeshift house and 740 square feet of rice paddy to farm, but it’s not enough to feed and support themselves. Huan scavenges for recyclables each day to earn a bit of income.

Nam loves school and gets good marks. He dreams of becoming a doctor one day, but the supplies he needs to attend school are more than Huan can provide. Nam’s uncle helps as much as he can but it’s not enough.

The school supplies provided through YWAM Mercy’s donors help Nam to start school and encourage him to keep going despite his difficult circumstances. Nam is determined to take the opportunity and turn it into future success.

Nam is just one of 200 children YWAM Mercy’s donors supported with school supplies in his village and one of the 450 children we hope to help this year.

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