Regular Training Supports Cowbank Success

In one area of Luc Nam, twenty-five (25) families have received cows from the cowbank in their community set up by YWAM Mercy Vietnam and local leaders. The majority of people living in this area are from ethnic minorities who do not speak Vietnamese as their...

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Flower Growing Co-op Provides Income Earning Opportunity

YWAM Mercy Vietnam has been working in one community in Bac Giang Province since 2008 and we have seen the living conditions here improve dramatically as a result of our partnership with local leaders and residents. A few families in this area had tried to grow...

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Farmers Visit Successful Orange Growing Model

Learning from other’s experiences provides inspiration, and helps avoid costly mistakes. YWAM Mercy works in many rural areas where rich resources could be developed to improve incomes and living standards. Taking farmers on exposure trips is one way we help them...

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YWAM Mercy Vietnam In The Media

Recently YWAM Mercy Vietnam has received some exciting coverage in the Vietnamese news media. VTV4 (Vietnam's English Language Station) showcased our work by looking at the daily life of our Director, Roslyn Jackson, on their program Expat Living which...

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Cowbank Empowers Family to Improve Living Conditions

Raising animals can be a real game-changer to help people living in rural areas out poverty. YWAM Mercy Vietnam often implements cowbanks as part of multi-intervention poverty alleviation projects. Families join an “Opportunity Team” and work as a group to improve...

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Animal Raising Provides Economic Opportunity

Knowing animal raising was a good way to increase their income, Pham Thi Nhinh and her husband always wanted to invest in breeding. However, they dared not borrow money from private lenders because of the very high interest rates and they could not secure a bank loan....

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Slow Birthing Cow Brings Unexpected Profit

Everything in life seems to come slower to him, says Nguyen Trong Hien. But when he received a cow from the cow bank YWAM Mercy Vietnam set up in his community, his slow birthing cow brought unexpected profits to his family. Through the cow bank, qualifying families...

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Negotiation Training Helps Woman Increase Income

When Nguyen Thi Tam discovered that YWAM Mercy Vietnam was offering training in her community on family business management and cultivation she eagerly joined in. Her family has struggled over the years to make ends meet growing fresh fruits and vegetables and raising...

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