Asparagus Model Offers Farmers a Higher Profit Crop Option

In recent years, YWAM Mercy Vietnam has been helping one community introduce new agricultural technologies and testing methods. We have implemented many crop models which show how raising different crops can bring higher profits than raising rice. This year the...

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Flower Growing Club Update: A New Season

Our flower growing club has just come through a successful winter season and is now looking ahead to summer.Previously people in the area only grew flowers to sell at Lunar New Year (in January or February).  They were only familiar with winter flowers.  Each summer...

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Update on Hydroponics Model

YWAM Mercy Vietnam has developed a hydroponics model in one urbanizing Hoai Duc community to bring higher incomes for suburban farmers while reducing harm caused by the overuse of insecticides and herbicides. After setting up the model, we regularly visit the owner,...

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Big Beautiful Apples Give Opportunity for A Better Life

Mr. Kien smiles as he shows off the big, beautiful apples developing on his trees.  The harvest looks like it will be plentiful and right on time for the upcoming Lunar New Year holiday. Mr. Kien is excited that his hard work will pay of in profitable sales of fruit...

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Family Business Training Helps Farmers Generate More Income

PHOTO ABOVE: Farmers learn to record daily income and expenses in a log.  Most have not been in the habit of writing this information down, instead keeping a general idea of their cash flow in their head. Most farmers in rural communities do not think about their...

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Regular Training Supports Cowbank Success

In one area of Luc Nam, twenty-five (25) families have received cows from the cowbank in their community set up by YWAM Mercy Vietnam and local leaders. The majority of people living in this area are from ethnic minorities who do not speak Vietnamese as their...

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Flower Growing Co-op Provides Income Earning Opportunity

YWAM Mercy Vietnam has been working in one community in Bac Giang Province since 2008 and we have seen the living conditions here improve dramatically as a result of our partnership with local leaders and residents. A few families in this area had tried to grow...

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Farmers Visit Successful Orange Growing Model

Learning from other’s experiences provides inspiration, and helps avoid costly mistakes. YWAM Mercy works in many rural areas where rich resources could be developed to improve incomes and living standards. Taking farmers on exposure trips is one way we help them...

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