Creating a rich reading culture in school develops knowledgeable citizens who know how to find and process information so they can contribute to the community positively as adults. Recently, YWAM Mercy Vietnam provided two training sessions on the benefits of reading and how to organize a child-friendly library for 176 participants including community leaders, teachers, parents and students in a local secondary school.

The training engaged and challenged students through questions & answers, games, and real-life stories. Useful lessons and interactive teaching methods kept their attention. They enthusiastically shared their ideas and opinions while completing group work, and each one set up an individual reading plan with SMART goals.

Lessons in the workshop inspired me to read more books. I like the method of 20 minutes reading every day the most. I will ask my parents to buy books to complete my plan of reading 4 books per month. I also will communicate the importance of reading books to other friends.

Tran Thi Phuong


Parents, teachers and school board members also learned how to organize reading activities for their children and students, and experienced first-hand how to use many methods presented by YWAM Mercy’s consultant. Modeling a reading lesson in the school’s library was done by two different teacher groups. The parents group understood the importance of reading and made reading plans to use at home to promote good reading habits for their children.

I learnt many great techniques to encourage good reading habits for my students. I intend to apply some methods I learned especially ones to teach reading skill, the mind-map tool, and ways to organize reading activities in my class lessons.

Nguyen Thu Ha


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