Between December 2020 and January 2021, Luc Nam villagers discovered a strange disease which affected some of the cows in our cowbank. ​Our consultant from the Agricultural University, Mr. Thanh, came to investigate, identifying the hard bumps under the cow’s skin as Lumpy Skin Disease.

Mr. Thanh recommended an effective treatment which cured the cows who received it.  Treated calves continued to grow well for the most part but a few weak ones died. These caves will be replaced.

One household reported their cow’s growth was slowing. Mr. Thanh determined that this cow would not be able to produce calves. We decided to support this household with additional feed for two months to fatten up this cow for sale, since the disease did not affect the quality of its meat. The sale of the cow will help the family purchase a new calf.

Visiting cowbank participants regularly and checking the cows is an essential way we provide support to ensure their success. When onsite, we more promptly detect changes in the cows and can respond to difficulties they face before they progress too far. This helps farmers new to animal raising to feel more secure and to be ultimately successful, increasing their household income and their confidence.


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