In one area of Luc Nam, twenty-five (25) families have received cows from the cowbank in their community set up by YWAM Mercy Vietnam and local leaders.

The majority of people living in this area are from ethnic minorities who do not speak Vietnamese as their mother-tongue and who have had little education.  As part of our ongoing cowbank activities in this area, we not only provide a first cow for participating families, but we also provide training and regular refresher training to ensure success in cow-raising.

Recently, with the help of our consultant from the Agricultural Academy, Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh, 40 people learned about summertime cow diseases along with other basic cow-care topics in a very hands-on practical way.  Participants raised many questions during the lecture, discussion and group work and shared difficulties they have faced so far in raising their cow.

PHOTOS BELOW: Participants were taught using slides and pictures on the computer. Group work was done together on big A0 paper spread on the floor.

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