Mr. Ham now has the opportunity to stay home with his family.  Previously, he had to travel far from home for long periods of time looking for construction work. He was not able to make enough close to home to feed his family. His six family members live in a 20 square meter house and are one of the lowest-income families in his village. YWAM Mercy staff got to know his family because his four children received school supplies as part of our Education Assistance Program since they were at risk of dropping out of school due to lack of funds.

Mr. Ham is also growing eggplant on his own land with support from the Opportunity Team


In December, 2019 Mr. Ham joined an Opportunity Team YWAM Mercy set up in his village.  He was chosen to receive a cow from the cowbank.  In the future, he hopes to get a loan to expand his agricultural work.

Our consultant went with Mr. Ham to verify that the cow he had chosen met all the criteria for purchase


I want to work at home and stay near my family to help take care of my children.

Mr. Ham

Five months after receiving the cow, it is growing well and Mr. Ham is very happy.  The cow will likely have a calf soon which Mr. Ham will return to the cowbank for another family.  After that he can keep or sell any further calves.  He’s also able to use the cow to help with farm work. With the support of the Opportunity Team and the chance to care for a cow of his own, Mr. Ham is hopeful about the future.

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