In mid-April, people in Vietnam and other Asian countries traditionally celebrate a Cold Food Festival that emphasizes the importance of the wet rice culture and is a time for family reunions.

It’s so exciting! I made Troi cake for the first time. I learned how to make cakes from Mom Oanh. The cakes are fragrant, sweet, and incredibly delicious!

Trang (pictured in photo on right with her Home Mother, Mrs. Oanh)

11 years-old

A thousand-year-old tradition in Vietnam, making TROI cake is part of remembering ones ancestors. On this day, everyone returns home to join their family in celebrating this festival. Children at our community-based Children’s Homes are no exception. After school, they gather to make and enjoy delicious cakes in the Homes.

The preparations began early in the morning. The Home staff went to the market to buy the necessary ingredients for making floating cake, also known as TROI cake. These ingredients include brown sugar, glutinous rice, and roasted sesame seeds. Staff and children then used these ingredients to form small round cakes with a diameter of about 2-3 centimeters. These cakes are then cooked in a pot of boiling water.

They enjoy making floating cakes, especially children who are newcomers to the Children’s Homes. It is often the first time they have made TROI cakes and they enjoy learning about this fun and tasty tradition.

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