The Children’s Homes Christmas Party is a highlight of each year for children, staff and sponsors alike.  This year it was held on December 15th at our Phu Chau Home.

This year, instead of the children performing for their guests, a band from Concordia International High School came to share their talents.  They played a mixture of Christmas music and exciting Kpop songs, and even taught some current dance moves.  Their contagious enthusiasm brought new energy to the children and made for a very festive atmosphere.  The children organized a number of “icebreaker” games to help create connections between themselves and their guests.

An event like this requires large amounts of manpower, sponsorship of goods, time and money of volunteers, sponsors, YWAM and local partners. Donors filled up 53 shoe-boxes with new toys, clothes and school stationary packs for the children living in our three Children’s Homes (ages ranging from six to twenty-two). We also gave gift-bags to the devoted staff who care for the children.

Everyone who contributed to making this year’s Christmas party so special, brought the children in our community-based Children’s Homes a clear message of love, care, sharing, and happiness. This motivates the children to continue to hope for good things in the future and to know they are each highly valued.  Many thanks to everyone who contributed, attended and prayed!

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