For farmers to increase their incomes, they need to change the way they think about their agricultural work.  They need to learn to think about it like a business.  Adopting any new concept takes motivation and repetition.  In October 2017, we came together with 45 local volunteers to help one community in Hoai Duc put on a Communication Night entitled “New Approach New Thinking in Doing Family Business”.  A Communication Night has the feel of a festive local theatre production.  The volunteers, all members of the community themselves, wrote and rehearsed their songs, dances and dramas with the help of our talented Vietnamese Consultants.

Volunteers practicing songs and skits.


With the support of YWAM Mercy staff, our communication consultants and local leaders, the event came off successfully with over 2000 people in attendance. [What % of the community is this?]

Audience participation “quizes” mixed in with the performance numbers helped reinforce the principles and ways of thinking we wanted to emphasize. For example, we repeated many messages about safe (clean & healthy) farming practices and building a brand name.  The clever songs and humorous skits effectively held the attention of audience.  It was both a fun and informative evening for the whole community.

Practicing and performing the songs and dances in the event made me feel more confident. I am very happy to join in this activity and am willing to be a part of any events like this in the future. I like YWAM Mercy’s work.

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thao


A skit acted out by local volunteers communicates the importance of building a brand name.  The large audience gave it their complete attention.


The leaders of all eight villages in the area joined in the leadership competition and shared their leadership skill and knowledge with the community. Local leaders also showed their high commitment in leading, attending and supporting the event. The Communication Night went smoothly and effectively transmitted the intended family business messages to local residents. It was a fun, memorable night too!

Because the local people own their performances, they will more deeply receive and practice the event’s messages in their daily business practices and communicate to others what they have learned. We hope they will take courage and try new things in their agricultural work for sustainable income generation.

The event made me a bit stressed as it needed the involvement of leaders and all mass organizations along with project volunteers. But finally, all the people were happy. This kind of awareness-raising campaign is really worth the effort to organize.

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Dung

Project Coordinator

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