Sharing information with people in the community and raising awareness is an important part of any sustainable community development project. A Communication Night is one of the most effective activities to ensure a broader reach into community with these important messages.

A Communication Night was held in one Luc Nam community on December 3, 2017.
Topics included:

  • Raising and caring for teenagers.
  • The role of the family and school in a child’s development
  • Income generation with cultivation and animal breeding
  • Safe pesticide and fertilizer use in cultivation

A Communication Night is a really big, festive, community entertainment event with more than a thousand people attending. The messages to communicate to the community are interwoven into the night’s songs, performances, dances, and skits, which are all done by local people and students who volunteer to help the project.

In order to have such a successful, well attended event, YWAM Mercy staff, consultants and community volunteers work hard to prepare for an entire month ahead of time.

Many attending the event say that they love to watch these performances more than professional ones. This is often the first time they have seen their children, husband or wife on the stage! Seeing people they know personally putting on the show, helps deepen the understanding of the messages and draws out a wide audience.

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