Our annual Christmas celebration for the 60 children in YWAM Mercy Vietnam’s three community-based Children’s Homes was organized on December 16, 2018 at Tien Sa Lake in the Ba Vi District of Hanoi.

We wanted to spread the hope and love of Christmas through the dinner, Christmas songs, games, performances and presents given to the children.

This is a time for the children to get together with their friends from other Homes. Some children who graduated from the Homes came back to join with their Children’s Home familiy for this special occasion.

Kind donors filled 60 shoeboxes with various gifts such as clothing, toys, candies, and school supplies. The children were so happy to receive their own boxes which they opened together, joyfully making plans to share their favorite gifts with others in the Homes.

My gift this Christmas is wonderful! I was given a wooden plane model. The brothers and I all love this wooden plane and we agreed to play together with it in our Home.


14 years old

Christmas is fun! We sang, danced together, and got lots of presents. Thank you to our sponsors and Merry Christmas!


10 years old

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