The roof in one of our Children’s Homes was leaking. Two years ago we managed to replace one part of the roof but then the second part began to leak and the walls were turning green with mold. Not great for the children’s health!

We heard that the German Embassy had some small project funds available and we were encouraged to apply.

With their help we were able to not only get a new roof but also to re-surface and paint the whole house.

We were also able to replace all the old broken windows and doors and re-tile the floors as well.

New furniture was purchased too.

I love the new study tables and desks. They are so nice and comfortable. Do you know? These new desks and tables are more compact compared with the old ones. Our study room area is now wider.


I’m so happy that my house has new clothes [meaning paint] and new equipment. It helps me save time for study and in daily activities. Thank you to your concern for us!

Tho -Tan Linh Home

The new windows are the thing that I like most. Our house gets more light so it is easy to study. And the other amazing thing with these windows is that they keep out the cold in the winter.


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