Children from all three Children’s Homes came together on Cua Lo beach in Nghe An for their annual summer outing.  They were joined by YWAM Mercy staff and the Homes Board of Management making a group of 90 people in all for this summer tradition.

This is an important time for the kids in the different homes to see each other and reconnect.  They played games, sang songs, danced and even had serious discussions about friendship.  The older children who are now in college or vocational school shared about their experience with the younger ones who will soon be sitting their college entrance exams to give guidance that would help them understand and face the challenges ahead.  Conflict between children in one of the homes was also able to be addressed and discussed in this environment in order to bring reconciliation and resolution.

I’m really happy to have the opportunity to share my experience in college because I want to help the other children who will face similar situations to be successful.


College Student, Ba Vi Children's Home

Friendships were strengthened. Summer fun was had.  Memories were made.  It was a time of great joy for everyone involved.


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