In the process of preparing for another Child-Friendly Library to be installed in 2019, YWAM Mercy visited three lower-secondary schools along with representatives of Luc Nam’s Education Department to survey the needs of their libraries.

During the visit, we were really surprised because we saw the positive effect of YWAM Mercy’s earlier activities at other schools in the district. We learned that all the main schools in the district have one library room following the standards and model of YWAM Mercy’s earlier Child-Friendly Library projects. The district also now requires these schools to add reading lessons in the school library into the official school schedule.

While this encouraged us, we saw that there were very few books in each of libraries we visited and only the main campuses have a designated room for their libraries. In other satellite campuses, they have no library for the children. We can see additional support is needed in this district.

YWAM Mercy is planning to organize more support for these schools so reading is available to every child.

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