The community of Bao Son came together on September 5th, 2017 to celebrate the first day of school and the opening of two new child-friendly libraries.

YWAM Mercy partnered with the schools, parents and community leaders to set-up these libraries in order to promote strong reading habits in the local children.

Children enjoy the first day of school and opening of the library


Ribbon cutting ceremony to open the library


Teachers and parents were on hand for the library opening


Children put on a performance explaining the meaning of the book color-coding


Setting up a child-friendly library includes purchasing new tables, carpet, books, and bookshelves. Preparing the inside the library room includes painting, setting up corner activities, covering books and coding them by color according to the reading skill of students.

More importantly, however, is training for all teachers so they can incorporate library lessons in the school schedule. Training is provided on establishing and managing the library, organizing the reading lessons, supporting and supervising library activities and effectively calling for the participation of the community in library activities.

With the help of donors, YWAM Mercy invests a portion of the funds needed to set up a library for each school. A successful library requires the additional contribution of the community, teachers, and families, to maintain the library and it’s activities and to provide new books so the number is increased and a wide variety of subjects are represented.

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