When I received the invitation from my wife to attend the training course “Celebrating Family”, I thought: “Oh, good! Family! A family full of good things. There is nothing like a community of residents, where all households are civilized and good. How good family is!” I accepted the invitation immediately.


husband of Hoa, (Pictured together above)

“Celebrating Family” is designed to improve communication and strengthen family bonds, because families are the building blocks of society. YWAM Mercy provided this course as part of our Early Childhood Development efforts in one Ba Vi village. It was held in the village Hall for 32 preschool teachers and their husbands, plus local trainers (who will later visit local families to share what they have learned.) Ms. Thuy Anh, the instructor, guided the participants through each unit, from “Managing the Past & Knowing the Present”, to “Envisioning the Future”, and finally “Pursuing Dreams”.

The classroom space became lively when participant’s shared their most memorable childhood experiences growing up. That excited atmosphere was quickly replaced by quiet contemplation when it came to “recognizing signs of harmony & signs of breakdown” in their families of origin.  Participants were encouraged to cherish the “seeds of goodness” they found in their childhoods.

Each person asked themselves, what kind of family they wanted to have. They made a specific plan for what what behavior to change so they can have the family they really want knowing, being intentional in this way leads to family success.  

Couples learned about the five love languages, and discovered their spouse’s primary love language. There was time to practice showing love in this way and to brainstorm ways they can continue showing love in the language their partner enjoys most.

What was recorded on each individual’s colored papers (photo above) are their deep commitments, helping them to realize something they need to do to bring about a positive change. These are very personal to each individual, small but wonderful things that are easily overlooked but very important for family harmony.

Mr. Hanh shared that due to the training, his wife smiles more often now. Sharing daily-life stories has become more natural and gentle for them. He and his wife and decided to talk more with together after each workday. He said they now have a more warm and cheerful atmosphere in their family. They are more mindful of using loving words with each other and their children.

We found that through this training, although covering a short time of only two days, has condensed a lot of knowledge that many of us have not yet realized. We see we often let our “ego” be too big, affecting to our family life.



I hope that this training course “Celebrating Family” will be spread to many people in society, so that like my family, many couples will have the opportunity to participate in this program. The program has helped my family to change a lot in our perception and practice. Thank you very much!



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