On May 20, 2017, an event was organized to review 8 years of the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Project in Hoai Duc district and to present the Swiss Create Award for 2016-2017.

The event received wide coverage by the national news media and the participation of nearly 700 attendees including leaders of Hoai Duc district, representatives of Swiss Create, and participants within the project.

The coordination between Hoai Duc District People’s Committee and YWAM Mercy Vietnam to implement the Small and Medium Enterprises Development project has created favorable conditions for businesses to create stable jobs and increase income for residents. The project helped businesses have more confidence to promote dynamism and creativity for sustainable development and international integration.

Mr. Do Duc Trung (pictured on left below)

Vice Chairman, Hoai Duc People’s Committee

During 8 years of implementing the project, I witnessed the seriousness and enthusiasm of participants in the application of lessons into their businesses… the interest and support of local leaders for promoting the business environment as well. These are important and essential elements for the success of the project.

Mr. Mario Bruhlmann (pictured on the right below)

CEO, Swiss Create

The eight business owners participating in Swiss Create Award 2016-2017 joined Mr. Bruhlmann on a panel to share experience and achievements after two rounds of Swiss Create Award auditing.

Eight organizations received awards for their internal written management systems. GB Garment Company won the Excellent Management prize (pictured on the left below) and Huu Nghi Food Processing Company took the prize for Best Improvement in Production (pictured on the right below).

This award process helps push the participating businesses towards excellence and serves as a model for others to follow, increasing the level of professionalism for the entire business community.

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