It has been fun to watch the current business training classes as they are progressing through their trainings.

Each training class is made up of 30-50 different businesses and they work through the trainings together. It takes each class 12 months to complete all their trainings and graduate from our business training program.  So far 9 classes have fully completed all their trainings through this program.

Both class 10 and 11 started their training at the end of April 2016.

In June, training class 10 and 11 received training modules on:

  1. Production Optimization
  2. Business Law
  3. Computers
  4. Team Building

In the Production Optimization training the participants learned methods to eliminate waste and reorganize the workplace. This helps business owners increase effectiveness in the production processes.

Two lawyers as well as YWAM Mercy Vietnam’s business consultants did teaching on business. Real situations were shared and questions raised by participants relating to business law were answered by two lawyers and YWAM Mercy Vietnam’s consultants to help business owners avoid risks in commercial transactions.

In the computer training participants practiced basic Word, Excel, and PowerPoint skills, and learned how to use the Swiss Create Business Management software for effective business management.  They are provided access to this software free for 1 year and it provides them with tools related to business models, marketing, financial management, leadership, and human resource management.

Team building trainings included techniques to motivate employees, encourage teamwork, and mobilize employees in developing the business.

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