Organizing exposure trips to successful businesses can be an effective bridge for business owners to exchange knowledge and develop mutually beneficial relationships. Last month, 120 owners who are now members of YWAM Mercy’s business development training classes 12 and 13, visited Viet Nhat Company, a successful business headed by Mr. Dinh Doan Loi, a participant in our very first business development class, 8 years ago.


On their visit, owners were treated to a seminar presented by Mr. Loi who gave useful lessons and practical experience. He also shared about the challenges he faced before receiving training from YWAM Mercy, and his achievements after completing training. He also answered the many questions raised by attendees.


The lessons and Swiss Create tools provided by YWAM’s training helped my business achieve our current success. After attending the training courses and receiving technical support, I’ve grown from a small business to a large one. I now own five different companies and create jobs for nearly 200 residents, thanks to a good internal management system.

Mr. Dinh Doan Loi

Owner, Viet Nhat Company

The frank sharing of Mr. Loi, and discussions among attendees, opened their minds and inspired them to make changes in how they are doing business. It also helped the business owners really understand the benefits of Swiss Create management tools for sustainable development.


I really liked Mr.Loi’s sharing, especially the reasons to establish his five companies and how he built high performing teams and worked to keep skilled employees.

Ta Kim Anh

Business Owner Class 13

The efforts of Mr. Loi to have his current successes totally inspired me. I will see it as a motivation to keep moving toward my business target.”

Nguyen Thi Huong

Business Owner Class 12

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