Visiting the Children’s Home to encourage and check in with the children

After being locked down for many months, the situation in Hanoi has improved and now we are able to go back out to visit project sites. We are planning many activities for the last quarter to complete those that have been delayed.

In the last week we have been able to train farmers about new rice varieties that provide greater yield and better nutrition. We also gave training on garbage collection. We visited households to check on micro-credit loans and families who have cows. We also visited the Children’s Homes. and handed out the last of the Education Assistance in Ba Vi.

Today the staff are conducting a Participatory Needs Assessment in our newest location, Thai Binh. We are cautiously optimistic that we will be able to go ahead with more training and planned activities in this last quarter.

Conducting a Participatory Needs Assessment in Thai Binh to prepare for new projects in this area

Signing a new three-year agreement for the three Children’s Homes in Ba Vi

Giving out the final batch of Education Assistance gifts to children in Ba Vi

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