YWAM Mercy seeks to help those who are most disadvantaged and vulnerable in Vietnam. Since some of the communities we have helped in the past are now able to continue to develop on their own, we met with government officials to see where else we might be able to make a positive impact. Bac Kan was identified as a possible location.

Views of beautiful Bac Kan Province

We received an invitation from local leaders to investigate how we might partner with them. They told us that four communities were especially in need. Poverty rates in these areas were between 30 and 40%. Living conditions needed improvement, transportation to the area was difficult and dangerous, and there was a low awareness of personal hygiene, and sanitation best practices. Because ethnic languages were mostly spoken, access to resources was difficult.

Visiting households, a local health clinic, and a kindergarten to understand the real situation in the area


Local people said they would benefit from awareness raising about general healthcare, and reproductive health, as well as help installing toilets and bathrooms. Job creation, as well as an income generation effort which would involve mindset change towards doing family business could improve the living standard. An integrated rural development project including buffalo raising plus safe and effective farming techniques could be helpful as well. Leadership training and development would be an integral part of any project in order to make the work sustainable.

Learning how a local farming cooperative provides produce for use in district boarding schools

Our next step is to return to these communities for more in-depth needs assessments of specific issues.  We will then work with the communities to design projects to assess these needs.  Would you be interested in partnering with us to make a difference in the lives of these people?  Contact us.

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