In recent years, YWAM Mercy Vietnam has been helping one community introduce new agricultural technologies and testing methods. We have implemented many crop models which show how raising different crops can bring higher profits than raising rice.

This year the Farmer’s Union asked us to support the community in bringing a new kind of crop: asparagus. We invited a consultant from the Vietnam Agricultural Academy to come and provide two days of training for 20 community members.

A week later, we took the trainees to Bac Ninh Province to see a farm where asparagus was already being raised successfully. The people could see in detail the steps needed to plant and care for asparagus. The farmers we visited were very excited to share their experiences with the trainees.

After the training and seeing an asparagus field first hand, we feel confident that the trainees will be able to raise asparagus successfully in their own community. This is just one more effort from YWAM Mercy Vietnam to provide options for farmers to earn higher profits because everyone deserves opportunity.

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