Primary School Library Updated by YWAM Mercy Becomes Isolation Facility for F1 Cases

The pandemic hit Vietnam once again in late April and early May 2021. Two communities in Luc Nam, where YWAM Mercy works, are both heavily affected. Many people living in these communities work in the industrial zones where this particular outbreak was first detected and brought the virus back to their community.

Previously, Vietnam successfully contained and stopped the virus spread several times. This time there are more cases, including eleven classified as “F0” (see sidebar) and numerous “F1” cases in the two communities where we work. All F0 cases have now been taken for treatment in local hospitals with isolation wards. Because of the large number of F1 cases and the complexity of contact tracing, local kindergartens and primary schools, including many YWAM Mercy has helped in the past, are serving as concentrated isolation facilities.

Community members in these areas take the isolation orders, the need for medical declaration, and contact tracing very seriously, and cooperate with requests from local authorities. The mass organizations (Farmer’s Union, Women’s Union, Youth Union) in the area coordinate with police and doctors to carry out checkpoints and isolation measures for the whole community.

Despite the many difficulties the virus brings, it’s been great to see community members coming together to support each other in the fight against the epidemic. Some people donate rice, food, and money. Others volunteer, cooking food, cleaning quarantine areas and helping in any way needed. YWAM Mercy is happy to play a part, knowing that these cheerfully decorated rooms will be used help those going through this difficult time.

All communities are joining hands in the prevention of the Covid epidemic, hoping to control the epidemic soon so that people can return to their normal lives.


Vietnam’s Pandemic Classification System 

F0 —Person who is identified to be infected with SARS-CoV-2

F1 — Person who is suspected to be infected or exposed to F0

F2 — Person who is exposed to F1

F3 — Person who is exposed to F2

F4/5 — Person who is exposed to F3/4.

Article on from a Vietnamese company involved in contact tracing software development has interesting details about the process.

Preschool teachers use their creativity to make face shields

Supplies donated by community members

Preparing the preschool to be used as an isolation facility

Collecting samples from all community members during the night

Spraying disinfectant throughout the community

Child-friendly Library installed by YWAM Mercy used for isolation of “F1” cases

Preschool being prepared as an isolation facility for “F1” cases

Children ready for virus testing

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