Progress Report: Oanh’s New House

BEFORE: The old house which was in danger of collapsing  AFTER: The new house is bright and airy, a safe place for Oanh's family. In December 2018, we shared the urgent need of Oanh and her family to rebuild their crumbling home. (Read Can You Help Oanh's Family Build...

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Big Beautiful Apples Give Opportunity for A Better Life

Mr. Kien smiles as he shows off the big, beautiful apples developing on his trees.  The harvest looks like it will be plentiful and right on time for the upcoming Lunar New Year holiday. Mr. Kien is excited that his hard work will pay of in profitable sales of fruit...

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Lunar New Year Celebrated in the Children’s Homes

The children living in YWAM Mercy's three community-based Children's Homes made traditional Chung Cakes and received gifts to welcome the Lunar New Year with their extended-families.  These are a savory cake made of sticky rice, pork, and mung beans wrapped in banana...

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Local Leaders Bring Tet Greetings to New YWAM Mercy Office

YWAM Mercy celebrated our first Tet Holiday in our new offices this year. Local leaders from Hoai Duc, Ba Vi and Luc Nam visited us to celebrate and thank YWAM Mercy for our efforts and support during the year.During these happy meetings, we reviewed project...

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Training Teachers Changes Children’s Lives

The community of Tong Bat (Ba Vi District) has recently received substantial government support from the city of Hanoi to rebuild schools. However, local leaders understand that new equipment and modern facilities alone are not enough to bring changes to the...

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How We Prepare a Community-Presented Communication Night

Communication Nights are a great way to deliver information to the community in an entertaining way. These events attract a large percentage of the community so they are very effective at reaching them with important development messages. A Communication Night...

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Child-Friendly Library Concept Spreads

In the process of preparing for another Child-Friendly Library to be installed in 2019, YWAM Mercy visited three lower-secondary schools along with representatives of Luc Nam's Education Department to survey the needs of their libraries.During the visit, we were...

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