Flower Growing Club Update: A New Season

Our flower growing club has just come through a successful winter season and is now looking ahead to summer.Previously people in the area only grew flowers to sell at Lunar New Year (in January or February).  They were only familiar with winter flowers.  Each summer...

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Study Tour to Effective Child-Friendly Library

Teachers at one Hoai Duc secondary school where we are helping them implement a reading program, visited a very effective child-friendly library at The Gateway School to learn from their experience and see their library operation first-hand. Gateway’s leaders shared...

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Reading Day at Child-friendly Library Creates Excitement

When we help a school install a child-friendly library, we not only supply equipment and books, we also plan library activities to help develop and maintain a reading culture in the school. A recent "Reading Day" in one Hoai Duc school, created a lot of excitement for...

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Update on Hydroponics Model

YWAM Mercy Vietnam has developed a hydroponics model in one urbanizing Hoai Duc community to bring higher incomes for suburban farmers while reducing harm caused by the overuse of insecticides and herbicides. After setting up the model, we regularly visit the owner,...

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YWAM Mercy Helps Blind Child Receive Special Care

YWAM Mercy Vietnam has been helping Loi (center) since she was a toddler.  Even though we have arranged for her to meet with specialists who have tried various treatments, Loi's eyesight has been getting progressively worse and she is now blind. She is the third...

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Progress Report: Oanh’s New House

BEFORE: The old house which was in danger of collapsing  AFTER: The new house is bright and airy, a safe place for Oanh's family. In December 2018, we shared the urgent need of Oanh and her family to rebuild their crumbling home. (Read Can You Help Oanh's Family Build...

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