Regular Training Supports Cowbank Success

In one area of Luc Nam, twenty-five (25) families have received cows from the cowbank in their community set up by YWAM Mercy Vietnam and local leaders. The majority of people living in this area are from ethnic minorities who do not speak Vietnamese as their...

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Evaluation Shows Biogas Effort Hampered by Pork Price Crisis

Besides monitoring the impact of our work while it is going on, we also do a thorough evaluation at the end of every phase to see what went right, what could be improved, and how to move forward. Recently, we evaluated our biogas work from February 2014 to February...

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A New Take on Troi Cakes in the Children’s Home

The 2018 "Cold Food Festival" brought a new and exciting experience to the children and staff of our community-based Children’s Home with the uniquely colored TROI cakes. Vietnamese children look forward to eating cold TROI cakes on the third day of the third month on...

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