Farmers eager to receive high-quality seedlings for planting in their model farms

Creating successful models of new and different crops allows people to see the success this brings and helps them realize they also can do this.  That’s why YWAM Mercy Vietnam, focuses on helping a few farmers to try something new and ensure they have the resources and support increase their incomes. Then others can follow what they did with confidence.


High quality seedlings are well protected to be ready for transplanting

Recently, we worked with farmers in Hoai Duc to develop a grafted tomato and green onion model.  The tomato plants are grafted onto  hearty eggplant rootstock that will stand up to strong rains and other difficult weather conditions. YWAM Mercy did a survey to select farmers with appropriate cultivation land and a desire to pioneer these new crops. They made a commitment to follow the new farming techniques they would soon learn.

YWAM Mercy’s consultant helped ensure that our processes would lead to a safe, nutritious crop. High-quality grafted tomato and green onion seedlings were ordered from the Hanoi Fruit and Vegetable Research Institute.

Grafted tomatoes and green onions are grown all year round. However, growing grafted tomatoes gives the highest profit in the off-season from mid-August to mid-October.

Interactive training on cultivation technique for interested farmers

Before planting, Mr. Vien, YWAM Mercy’s consultant gave training for 35 households on cultivating grafted tomato plants and green onions. He discussed how to select a good seedling, and the typical development of the plants, as well as how to care for them at each stage and how to prevent disease.

Photos of the model at Mrs. Hoa’s farm where she planted 600 grafted tomatoes and 75 kg of onions. She also planted 200 conventional tomatoes to compare results.

Mrs. Mien and her family planted 500 grafted tomatoes, 45 kg onions, and 150 conventional tomato seedlings for comparison.

Mr. Hieu’s field was used to model how to transplant tomatoes. He planted 800 grafted tomato plants and 200 conventional tomatoes.

Together with the local management team, our staff and consultant closely followed the development of the model farms to check the soil and bed preparation, guide them in planting technique, and ensure proper fertilizer use. The three families pictured above were especially eager to learn and to apply the new cultivation processes.

The households that participated in this training have asked YWAM Mercy to continue to provide support in cultivating high-profit plant varieties so they have more opportunities to raise their income by viewing their agricultural activities as a family business which meets the needs of the Hanoi market.

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