Improving employee working conditions through business training

Lap has seen a lot of change at the garment factory where he works on the outskirts of Hanoi, Vietnam. As one of the people responsible for maintaining the equipment in the factory, he has seen and experienced the changes first hand.

Lap began working in the sock factory in 2008. Over the years he has seen attempts to improve work conditions and make production more efficient and profitable. Each time conditions eventually relapsed, which resulted in low efficiency, low profits, and low wages. These relapses were doubly hard on Lap because his wife works at the same factory. When orders and production were slow they both lost pay.

In 2010, the company’s owner Nga, attended a business training run especially for women by YWAM Mercy Vietnam. Inspired by the training she decided to implement the 5S principles in her company. She partnered with YWAM Mercy Vietnam to train her managers and workers on the principles and processes of 5S, as well as receive follow-up and mentorship opportunities offered by the program.

Over the last few years Lap, his wife, and his fellow workers have begun to see the benefits of the 5S program. With the implementation of the 5S processes, things began to change. Employees now have job descriptions, instructions on the proper way to do their daily tasks, and they understand the company rules and employee benefits for their workplace.

The employees have benefited the most from these changes. With the new procedures and quality control standards in place, the company now has a steady supply of work. The stable contracts mean regular work hours, consistent income, and a stable job.

These changes have also made a difference in the appearance of the production line. The line is now clean, organized, and safe. Equipment is maintained regularly and with care. For Lap that means less emergency fixes and high stress situations at work, as well as less nights working late and missing his children.


Photo Credit: Sharing Dots


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