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This Early Childhood Development (ECD) project is a 2-year project.

Project Includes:

  • Community Awareness – loudspeaker broadcasts, communication events, books purchased for library = $5,100
  • Training for teachers, health clinic staff and community volunteers = $5,550
  • Equipment for preschool classrooms and kitchens = $31,818
  • Local staff salaries, office and transport costs = $16,364
  • Project Evaluation Costs = $455
  • Management = $2,290

Total Cost = $61,578

Covered by the Community = $22,606

Still Needed = $38,972


We took over our first community-based children’s home in Ba Vi District 18 years ago. We now have 3 homes and are committed to caring for 62 children through to adulthood.

At first an organization in Europe underwrote most of the expenses of caring for these children. But in 2012 their focus shifted and they withdrew their support, expecting us to close the homes. However, we still saw the need for these homes and remained committed to the children. We began a sponsorship program to gather the needed support. As we sought sponsors for all the children, they still needed to be housed, clothed and fed leading to a substantial budget shortfall.

  • In 2014, 34 children were sponsored leaving a shortfall of $24,000
  • In 2015, 44 children were sponsored leaving a shortfall of $16,380
  • In 2016, 52 children were sponsored leaving a shortfall of $10,140
  • In 2017, all 66 children were sponsored for most of the year, however costs also increased leading to a shortfall of $15,600.

Additional sponsors and co-sponsors are needed to meet the goal of having no shortfall in 2018Sponsor a Child

Making up this shortfall is an urgent need as it has drained our reserves and gifts in any amount would be much appreciated.


Would you come alongside us as we come alongside these communities?

By supporting the YWAM Mercy Vietnam team you enable us to create sustainable change in these communities. Your donations create opportunities for individuals and families that cause a ripple effect through the whole community.

A donation to the YWAM Mercy Vietnam team is an investment in a better future for the people and communities in Vietnam.

Your donation supports our local staff who are meeting with, and creating solutions with, community leaders. Our method involves an ongoing mentoring process that takes time and investment in relationships, but it is this effort that creates changes in perspective in those with the power to change the whole community.

Support the local staff team of YWAM Mercy Vietnam by donating.

YWAM Mercy Vietnam is registered with the Vietnamese government as a Swiss International NGO with Project Office Registration number No:46/BNG-VPDA.

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We thank you and these donors for partnering with us:

and hundreds of individual donors.

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